Match UPS Single Phase 500-3000 VA

• Automatic Voltage Regulation
• Excellent high voltage protection up to 350 Vac
• Low 'green' power consumption
• optinised sine wave output, avoiding peak currentsthat can damage electrornics and batteries
• Automatic battery test, automatic boost charge with two-hour recharge time and low battery temperature
• Servers, hubs, switches and routers
• PCs and workstations
• Cash registers, fax, modems and ISDN adapters
UPS Single Phase

NetPro UPS 1-phase 600-4000 VA
• On-line double conversion technology eliminates power reliability problems
• LCD screen information panel with status and alarm settings (2000-4000 VA)
• Optimised for use with generators
• Programmable switch-off for less critical loads to maximise up-time of critrcal devices
Programmable to start only when sufficient run-time (autonomy) is available
• Mission-critical servers
• Telecommunication equipment
• Local area networks
UPS Single Phase


SitePro Series UPS 3-phase 10-500 kVA
• High output power factor eliminates need for UPS over sizing
• Constant high efficiency at full and partial load
• Superior Battery Management (SSM) to enhance battery life and to prevent battery failure
• Super ECO Mode for energy savings
• Extremely low output distortion even at non-linear loads
• Highest levels of reliability and flexibility with Redundant Parallel Architecture (RPA)
• Best in class for variable load applications
• Various operation modes double conversion voltage and frequency stabilizer frequency converter
• Galvanic isolation which provides additional critical power protection
• UPS monitoring and protection software
• Back feed protection standard included providing a safe work environment

to centres • Call centres • Manufacturing & process control units • Medical equipment & healthcare facilities •Transportation infrastructure • Security systems • Financial institutions • Fixed and mobile voice & data transmission
UPS Single Phase