LP 11/31/33 Series UPS 1-1 / 3-1 / 3-3 Phase 3-30 KVA


• Low input current distortion and high input power factor eliminates need for costly filters or oversized generator
• Small footprint and wheels
• Advanced technology enabling silent operation
• High output power factor allows for optimal sizing of UPS
• Low output voltage distortion
• Superior Battery Management
• ECO mode enables automatic energy Savings under stable power conditions

• Computer and data centres
• Call centres
• Manufacturing and process control units
• Medlcal equipment and healthcare facilities
• Transportation infrastructure
• Secunty systems
• Financial institutlons
• Fixed and mobile voice and data transmission
Three phase ups


LP 33 Series UPS 3-phose 40-120 kVA

Booster-technology provides a high input power factor (0.98) and low input current harmonic distortion. The low input current harmonic distortion is constant for all load situations from 20% to 100% load.
The LP 33 technology ensures a highly efficient UPS system. thus saving energy cost for the user.
Input/Output terminals are easily accessible from the front. as well as all other
serviceable ports. Full front access provides the possibility to place the unit
against a wall or in a "back to back" configuration. saving floor space
EMC filters are standard installed in the UPS making sure that the system complies also with the future standards on emission of radio frequencies. The LP Series complies with EN 62040 Class A ensuring compatibility in any environment
The footprint of the LP 33 is one of the most compact available in the market.
Combined with low weight it can be placed on any floor.
• Computer and data centers
• Call centers
• Manufacturing and process control units
• Medical equipment and healthcare facilities
• Transportation infrastructure
• Security systems
• Financial institutions
• Fixed and mobile voice and do to transmission
Three phase ups