Overhead Busbars


• Offers highly flexible power distribution
   system to meet complex shop layouts
• Provides most efficient and optimum
   coverage of layouts with minimum power shutdown,
   when change in the shop layout are required
• 200A & 400A OHBB, std. units of 3658 mm
   and 2440 mm long respectively
• Busbors supported by fire retordent phenolic moulds
• Complete safety with fully shrouded plug in points at specific intervals
• Detachable blank end covers for free ends
• Easily extendable
• Extended range of 63DA & 800A OHSB also available

Plug in Box
• For direct plugging into OHBB
• 63A, 125A, 250A, 400A, TAP of boxes with SDFs
• 32A, 63A and 100A with HBC Fuselinks
• Plug in box with MCBs/MCCBs up to 125A
available on request


Power Management Relay
• Comprehensive Range of Numerical Relay
• Multi function and single function protective relay
Multi function Relays
• Generator Protection
• Transformer Protection
• Transmission Line Protection
• Distribution Feeder Protection
• Motor Protection
• Special Functions
• Power Quality
Single Function Relays
• Overcurrent Relays
• Synchronizing Relays
• Voltage & Frequency Relays
• Differential & Timing Relays
• Generator Protection Relays
• Auxiliary Relays
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