Mpact Mpro

• Ratings 800 - 4000A
• Compacted into 2 Frame Sizes
• 50 / 65 /80 kA Performance
• Built-in Safety offered as standard
• Easily Field Mounting Accessories
• Wide Range of Protection and System Management
• Very Simple Operation and Adjustment
• Rear or Front access Connections
• Common Dimensions for Ease of Installation
• Full certification to ASTA / LOVAG / KEMA
• Minimal clearance achieved reducing cubicle size
• Unique Earth Fault Protection
• True RMS Sensing
• Compatibility for Simple Upgrades

Available on Request

M-Poct ACB (Static Trip release)
GE Power controls offer a complete range of high speed DC Circuit breakers based on a moduiar design concept. These circuit breakers provides guarantee for high reliability in all fixed installation eg. in industrial plant protection (electrolysis plants, mines & steel mills) as feeder - breakers in tractionary substations (underground, trans, local trains) or in particle physics research, for protection of the super conductive coils in particle accelerations.

Mey Rapid
• Available in manual and motorised version
• IP/2P & 3P upto 1200 A and IP version for 2400 A and 3600 A
• Accessories like aux switches. undervoltage & shunt releases available.
GE Rapid
• Single pole version available
• Rating available 2600 A, 4200 A and 6000 A
• Breaker fitted with electrical closing solenoid
• Operating voltage 1000 V / 2000V / 3000 V s 3600 V
• Accessories like aux switches, undervoltoge & shunt releases available

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